Vote Ann Cameron for School Board April 5
The Leadership and Commitment Edmond Schools Need

Elect a parent to the school board; Cameron is the only candidate with kids currently in Edmond Schools and who will be for the next 5 years, and she has the experience and leadership to get things done.

What Edmond Students Are Saying!

"Mrs. Cameron is a great person.  She always knows what is going on in our lives and is very encouraging to us.  I hope she becomes our new school board member.  She would be awesome."  Josh, Chisholm Elementary 

"I would vote for Mrs. Ann as my school board member because she would make things better for our schools."  Claire, Sequoyah Middle School

"I have known Mrs. Cameron most of my life through church and school.  She has always been actively involved and supportive in our lives.  She would be an amazing Edmond school board member and would represent Edmond Public Schools well."  Jenna, Cimarron Middle School

"I think Mrs. Cameron would be a great school board member because she is very determined and could get anything done she puts her mind to." Ally, Sequoyah Middle School

"If I could vote for a school board member, I would choose Mrs. Cameron.  She "gets" kids.  She is a nice, smart, person who would do the best job ever."  Jack, Cimarron Middle School

“Vote for Scotty's mom because she is nice, smart, and considerate. She worked hard for us at Chisholm and Cimarron. She will be great on the school board.” Hadley, Cimarron

“I support Ann Cameron because she is someone I have known for a long time, and I feel comfortable talking to her. She listens to kids and parents and can take our concerns to people who can make changes. Students need to have a voice in their schools!” Frances, North High School

“In the four years I have known Ann Cameron, she has been kind, inspirational, and energetic. She has been an excellent role model and has served the youth in our church selflessly. She is willing to listen and does whatever it takes to get things done with integrity. She would be a fantastic school board member!”  Sarah, Edmond Memorial High School

“High school students need parents on the school board because band and academics need support from leaders who understand what it's like to be in high school right now.” Parker, Edmond Memorial High School

"Ann Cameron is a fantastic choice for school board.  She has connections, young and old, who provide a well-rounded, accurate point of view concerning our school district.  She is not one who accepts what she hears from her adult peers, but investigates further into issues. I know this because she has called before to talk to me about a controversial issue at North." James, Edmond North High School

School funding a top issue for board candidate

By Rose Drebes

Edmond Board of Education District 1 candidate Ann Cameron says budget concerns is the No. 1 issue facing the administration today.

Cameron, who has served on the governor’s appointed Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness since 2005, faces Lee Ann Kuhlman in an April 5 run-off election. The position was previously held by incumbent Charles Woodham. He was defeated in the general election which drew six candidates.

Cameron received the most votes in the primary with 30.6 percent — followed by Kuhlman’s 23.3 percent.Cameron has lived in the Edmond since 1995. She served as president of the Junior League 2009-2010 and is a member of Leadership OKC Class XXVII.

She has two children who are in middle school in the Edmond School District. Cameron said with funding cuts, school officials are being forced to “figure out how to make fewer dollars go around,” while still “increasing academic standards” and upholding the “caliber of teachers” Edmond has been able to employ.

“My concern is transparency,” she said, adding school officials and district patrons alike need to “now where all the money is going.”

Cameron said she would like to see the Board of Education establish a Budget Committee, consisting of financial professionals, teachers and parents who could study the numbers and give advice. A greater impact could be made with input from a greater variety of people, she said.

This group would be charged with going over the budget with “a fine-toothed comb” and determine where cuts can be made, Cameron said. All this information should be readily available to taxpayers.

“We need to do a better job of communication and being transparent,” she said. “We have to put our foot down and hold everyone accountable.”

Cameron said she believes the budget can be worked to preserve the quality schools Edmond enjoys.

“We can’t make money,” she said. “I’m not naïve (to think) that it would be an easy task to do away with things we are accustomed to.”

But, she said she believes there are areas in the district budget that can be reallocated. Cameron said she would definitely feels like the process of letting contracts is one place the administration could look to streamline.

In all, transparency and open communication are important for the continued operation of the district, she said. To do that, school officials, parents and all taxpayers need to work together.

“It’s a collaborative effort,” Cameron said. “We have a great school district.”

Edmond Sun ENDORSED!

The Edmond Sun Editorial Board on February 4th wrote "Cameron Fits the Bill." Read an excerpt from the article: 

This Editorial Board believes the biggest challenges facing the Edmond Public School District are finding ways to be more transparent in its decision-making processes, more openness in its governing and better communication with parents, students, teachers and patrons. Great fiscal challenges lie ahead even for a district as well-run as Edmond’s.

Do we believe someone new to the school board will find some sort of smoking gun issue or corruption? No, we do not. Do we believe the board can find ways to better inform its patrons about some of the difficult issues, such as by televising school board meetings? Yes, we do.

We appreciate the service given to the district by Woodham, but we believe it’s time for the board to move in a new direction. In evaluating several factors, including who has the most skin in the game, we believe a parent with children in the district is the most closely plugged in to the community and will be the most responsive in communicating community needs to the school board and vice versa.

Of the six candidates, we believe Ann Cameron fits the bill.

Click here to read their full endorsement.

Edmond Sun - "Long-rage goals, outcome priority of board candidate"

Patty Miller
The Edmond Sun

OKLAHOMA CITY — Strategic planning will be a priority on Ann Cameron’s list.

Cameron is a candidate for Edmond Board of Education Seat No. 1, which will go to a vote of the people Feb. 8. Other candidates running for the board seat are Mike Blalock, Chris Hardwick, Cory King, Lee Ann Kuhlman and incumbent Charles Woodham.

“Our culture is changing rapidly and educational systems must adapt; I will bring discussion regarding curriculum improvements, possible online courses and other creative, cutting-edge solutions aimed at strengthening academics and student performance, and also ways to improve communication between parents and administrators,” Cameron said. “Most of all, I will bring input from parents and citizens whom I am serving.”

Cameron believes the school district’s budget is perhaps the most pressing issue.

“We must be able to raise the bar with regard to an even higher level of academic excellence, and at the same time consolidate our expenses and do away with unnecessary expenditures,” Cameron said.

“We must be smart and strategic with taxpayer money. I think the level of transparency throughout the district’s operations must be addressed. The school board should function as an autonomous entity and provide checks and balances for the administration.

“I would want the board to go through the budget with a ‘fine tooth comb’ and take an in-depth look at expenditures. I would want the board to look at ways to increase communication between our parents and our administrators.”

Cameron believes a great deal of money can be saved in transportation costs by looking more closely at transportation to and from sporting events and other activities.


Schedules should be streamlined in certain areas. For instance, all Edmond middle schools could travel to out of town tennis tournaments in one bus, and the middle school seasons might be limited to fewer long distance competitions and more matches, meets and games amongst each other locally.”

Cameron said she plans to come with an open mind, but a determination that everything needs to be looked at in terms of cost-effectiveness.

“I want to know how can we save money to increase academic quality,” she said.

Cameron has been engaged in the growth and betterment of this community since moving to Oklahoma in 1995, she said.

Since 2005, Cameron has served on the governor’s appointed Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness, completing a two-year term as vice chair of the OPSR Board, and currently serving as the treasurer.

Cameron served as the president of the Junior League of Oklahoma City in 2009-10, overseeing the league’s community literacy focus and spearheading a joint project with the Oklahoma History Center illustrating the “history of the JLOC and women in voluntarism.”

She is active in her children’s schools and was president of the PTO of Chisholm Elementary School. She is a member of Leadership OKC Class XXVII and is active in many nonprofit organizations throughout Oklahoma City. She served both a three-year term as elder and a three-year term as deacon at Westminster Presbyterian Church (serving as moderator of the board of deacons) and currently teaches Sunday school.

Cameron serves on the board of directors of Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma and has raised money in the past three years for the Juliette Low Leadership Society. She also serves on the Last Frontier Council board of directors and on the Literary Voices Council to benefit the Metropolitan Library System.

Following graduation with a journalism degree from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 1989, she played professional tennis for five years, competing in more than 10 countries.

Cameron and her husband Alex have two children, Sarah and Scott, who are both in middle school and active in Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

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